Company directors

Directors Rick and Sharon Cresswell have been happily married since 1987, and have two daughters. They live in Exeter, Devon in the Southwest of England. They have worked in or alongside most denominations in the Southwest of England in one form or another since the late eighties including: Anglican, Catholic and various evangelical denominations.

Sharon has a background in theatre, dance and has a degree in Fine Art. She holds certificate in Christian Leadership and Discipleship from Anvil Trust, and is a professional Therapeutic Counsellor.

Rick also holds a certificate in Christian Leadership and Discipleship and has degrees in Design and Fine Art, and postgraduate degrees in Film and Video, and Theology with Philosophy and Aesthetics from the University of Exeter.

The conception and assignment of this enterprise occurred on the 3rd of July 2006, with the purchase of as a Bible studies communication website. Ground Vision Ltd. was launched as a self funding, not for profit limited company on 9th October 2014 before the URL was registered on 26th February 2015.

Private Limited by Guarantee without Share Capital. Company no. 09256438

Current content, design and concept (c) Copyright 2014 Rick Cresswell. All rights reserved. Directors: Richard Cresswell and Sharon Cresswell. The company Ground Vision Ltd. is a private not for profit organisation set up to assist in the dissemination of Bible teaching, the gospel message and furthermore to communicate Judaeo-Christian principles and philosophies through the creatives arts. Registered in England and Wales. Limited company number: 09256438